5 benefits to attract the best Real Estate Acquisitions Analysts

Top Real Estate Acquisitions Analysts are highly sought after, so firms need to offer a compelling package and role to attract the best talent. Here are some benefits that would be attractive:

1. Competitive Salary and Bonus Structure:

Competitive base salary that reflects experience and market value.
Having an ‘attractive bonus’ structure tied to individual and team performance metrics can play a major part to the attractiveness of a vacancy. This could be based on the number of deals closed, profitability of acquisitions, or exceeding investment targets. Discretionary bonuses tend to start at 30% and go up to 100% typically.

2. Deal Flow and Deal Quality:

Consistent deal flow with a variety of property types and investment opportunities. Access to high-quality deals with strong potential for returns. Working on interesting and challenging projects keeps top analysts engaged and motivated.

3. Career Development and Learning:

4. Work-Life Balance and Culture:

5. Additional Perks and Benefits: