The Benefits of Outsourcing PropTech Recruitment

You might be recruiting for any number of reasons. From looking for temps to replacements to looking for people to fill new roles that have been created, PropTech recruitment can take many forms.

All the same, it’s an exciting time when you’re onboarding new staff to fuel new innovation across the property landscape, so, congratulations! There are a few options to think about when it comes to PropTech recruitment, however, and they all hold validity depending on your needs.

First of all, you can head up your PropTech recruitment process in-house. Tools like LinkedIn make recruitment a lot simpler than it used to be, but there are a few gaps that can come up when your recruitment is in-house.

The other main option is to outsource your recruitment processes.


Why Outsource your PropTech Recruitment?

Why is outsourcing PropTech recruitment often the better option? There are a few, tangible benefits that we’ll walk you through below:



Possibly the most attractive benefit is the amount of time you’ll save. 

If you’re onboarding, there are two main possibilities, and both of them mean that you’ll probably be pressed for time as it is.

You’re scaling: 

If you’re scaling, you’ll be pressed for time because of everything that’s going on in your company. There’s growth to keep on top of and invoices to chase, so finding time for other administrative tasks may be tricky.

You’re looking for a replacement:

If you’re looking at PropTech recruitment to replace an employee, you may be pressed for time because their work has been handed over and shared amongst others. 

In both cases, you have less time. The benefit of outsourcing your PropTech recruitment is that you don’t have to spend any time on looking for a new, suitable colleague for your company and can spend all of your time on other important ventures.


Return On Investment

A return on investment is promised by outsourcing your PropTech recruitment.

Of course, saving time is an instant Return On Investment, as more time means further productivity and more developments and innovation. There are other, more tangible returns you get from outsourcing, however.

Not only will a PropTech recruitment company be able to get to know your company, but it’s also their job to keep their ears to the ground on developments, rising talents, and all other facets of PropTech.

So, your Return On Investment will come in the form of a dedicated, hard-working employee which will contribute to your business’ culture and revenue.



You may instantly have questions, apprehensions, and frustrations when it comes to PropTech recruitment and onboarding. So, it’s important to find some PropTech recruiters that you can trust.

When you do start this trusting relationship, every question, fear, and apprehension will dissipate. A trusting relationship means you can lay any fears to rest, and that you won’t have to trust processes you may be unfamiliar with.

Trust is important, as it will help your peace of mind, as well as find you the best possible talent for your PropTech company.


How Dalton Buck can Help With PropTech Recruitment

Dalton Buck will save you time, give you a high Return On Investment, and you can trust us to deliver the best results.

We have years of experience in PropTech recruitment and know where to look in a busy and wide-spread industry.

So, if you want to find out more, you can contact us here. We promise to find you the best talent for your business’ culture, and for your goals.

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