A commercial director in quantity surveying is a high-level leadership position within a construction company, developer, or specialist quantity surveying consultancy (pqs firm). They are responsible for the overall commercial health and success of the organisation, leveraging their expertise in quantity surveying to drive strategic decision-making.

Average Salary: £100,000 – £150,000+ per year + bonus + benefits. Some exceed this range depending on the candidate’s experience, company size & reputation, industry sector, location (major cities often more) and how well the company is performing.

Here’s a breakdown of their key roles and responsibilities:

Leadership and Strategy:

Commercial Vision:

They set the strategic direction for the commercial department, ensuring it aligns with the overall company goals. This might involve developing strategies for winning new business, optimizing project profitability, and managing risk.

Team Management:

They lead and manage a team of professionals, including commercial managers, quantity surveyors, contracts managers, and procurement specialists. They delegate tasks, provide guidance, and ensure the team is working effectively to achieve commercial objectives.

Client Relationships:

They build and maintain strong relationships with key clients, understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations. They might be involved in high-level contract negotiations and securing major projects.

Financial Oversight:

Project Portfolio Management:

They oversee the commercial performance of a portfolio of projects, ensuring projects are delivered profitably and within budget. This involves monitoring financial performance, identifying potential risks, and taking corrective actions.

Tendering and Procurement:

They have a strategic oversight role in tendering for new projects and managing the procurement process to secure the best deals for materials, labor, and subcontractors.

Financial Reporting:

They provide regular reports to senior management on the commercial performance of the company or department, including profitability, risk assessments, and future forecasts.

Quantity Surveying Expertise:

Industry Knowledge:

They possess a deep understanding of construction costs, contracts, and risk management specific to the quantity surveying field. This knowledge informs their strategic decisions and ensures the company remains competitive.

Innovation and Best Practices:

They stay up-to-date on the latest trends and innovations in construction cost management and commercial practices. They might implement new technologies or processes to improve efficiency and profitability.

Additional Considerations:

Company Size:

The specific responsibilities of a commercial director may vary depending on the size of the company. In smaller firms, they might handle a wider range of tasks compared to a larger organization with a dedicated commercial team.

Industry Sector:

Their focus might be tailored to the specific industry sector the company operates in, such as residential, infrastructure, or commercial construction.

In essence, a commercial director in quantity surveying is a strategic leader who bridges the gap between financial expertise and commercial success. They leverage their deep understanding of quantity surveying to guide the commercial direction of the company, ensuring both profitability and client satisfaction.