PropTech: How Real Estate Technology is Evolving

The real estate market is changing a lot. With rent supply and demand shifting and with innovations to match the current climate, changes in real estate technology have grown at an advanced rate.

Real estate companies are scaling and changing, with innovations in PropTech, recruitment, and buying capabilities leading the charge. But how is the real estate market changing? And is this a new thing?


Developments in Real Estate and PropTech

The real estate market has been changing rapidly for years. While innovation and changes to how people buy, rent, and sell houses have happened more recently, real estate has generally been a steady investment. 

Any predictions that the housing market may crash in 2020 have been minimised, as the market is much more stable than it was leading up to 2008. The way people buy and sell real estate has changed since then, and there’s no longer the instability there was previously.

This is largely due to the innovations in Property Technology, or PropTech. These innovations serve to bridge the gap between people buying real estate, and people selling it, right down to how this transaction works.


More Automation

Real estate PropTech allows for much more automation when it comes to buying and selling. 

It’s possible to buy and sell property with a smartphone, which is an unprecedented change from how real estate used to be found, viewed, and purchased.

The process of creating more automated processes will continue, making it even faster and even simpler to apply for a mortgage, find a property, or get in touch with an agency or landlord.


More Remote Access

Remote has been the way forward recently. Whether it’s remote viewings or remote facilities management, PropTech has helped show that the real estate market is still viable when most people aren’t in a place to buy or sell.

Remote access will continue to grow, and innovations in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will make viewings even more transparent.

Currently, most property viewings are via video-chat software. However, as AR and VR develop, it’ll be possible to look at a property, including health and safety features, more transparently and totally virtually.


More Accessibility for Landlords and Tenants

One of the best development in PropTech and in real estate is how simple it is for buyers and sellers to get in touch with each other, and how fast this process is.

Accessible systems, from apps to websites, that are built with their users in mind allows for a much speedier process when it comes to buying, renting, and selling.

The best thing about these PropTech systems is that it’s built with both buyer and seller in mind, creating a balanced environment for a discussion to take place.


PropTech Recruitment for Scaling Real Estate Companies

Many real estate companies are scaling and onboarding new staff to keep up with the rapid shifts in supply and demand in the housing market.

If you’re a real estate or PropTech company that’s helping fuel innovation in property markets, you may want to consider our PropTech recruitment services.

It’s important to scale and to keep up with innovation, and so PropTech recruitment can help ensure you’re ahead of the curve, getting everything you can out of such an exciting growth market. You need only contact us here.

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