PropTech and Facilities Management

PropTech is helping the way you can manage your properties. Whether you’re improving or maintaining a block of offices or a group of houses, app innovation and development has come a long way to help you keep on top of things.

The hallmark of the 21st century is interconnectivity, and the ability to view and edit data remotely, and thanks to PropTech, this can apply to how you track and manage facilities.


BIM and PropTech

Thanks to Building Information Modelling, or BIM, it’s now easier than ever to create interactive models of buildings. What this means is that you’ll be able to view your property from a remote location.

With PropTech, a fully rendered, 3D model of a property is accessible, meaning any changes or updates to wallpaper or any changes in space management is testable before a commitment.

You’ll be able to test how many things you can fit into a room if you’re planning on separating a larger room into two smaller ones. See if a desk, a single bed, and a wardrobe will fit within both sets of walls without ending up with a smaller space which ends up more difficult to rent out.

Maintain Your Assets With Ease

There are a lot of options when it comes to managing and maintaining assets. With PropTech, you’ll be able to view asset issues and plan maintenance. Whenever reactive maintenance is required, PropTech systems can notify you and categorise the severity of an issue.

This way you can see all necessary maintenance in one place and categorise it, delegating and prioritising certain issues for your team.

Since the Grenfell tragedy, fire door manufacturing and tracking has received new regulations, meaning consistent monitoring is required. Part of these regulations requires landlords to give tenants a more streamlined and effective issue reporting system. PropTech apps can help with this, allowing tenants to report issues on any assets they may see a problem with easily.


PropTech and Inventory

PropTech can also help you with your inventories. If you’re inventorying for a house, you can use PropTech to ensure all cooking equipment, wardrobes, and beds are accounted for and well kept. You can add pictures against your inventory to verify the condition when a lease is signed, then cross-reference when a tenancy ends.

You can also use this principle to ensure you have all of the necessary tools and equipment you need to continue managing a facility. Using pictures and geolocation, you’ll be able to see exactly where tools have been left or who’s currently using them.

PropTech can do all of this for you and more. With integrated apps and systems, facilities management is a lot simpler, a lot faster, and a lot more transparent.

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