As the lockdown begins to end, great shifts in the housing market are beginning. People are moving houses for many reasons, from shifts in the job market to movements between offices.

This has created a unique challenge for rental companies, as the lockdown has meant that in-person viewings have become complicated. To get around this, PropTech companies, agencies, and landlords have started to implement online viewings.

There are a few caveats to this system of house viewings, however. With the direction PropTech is headed in, though, these problems will soon be minimised.


PropTech, AR and VR

One of the next steps in PropTech is the implementation of AR and VR systems.

As PropTech can apply to so many different things, from renting to facilities management to construction, the many implementations of AR and VR will differ from industry to industry.

So, with the implementation of BIM in construction, for example, VR in PropTech will be used to create fully interactive models of buildings that are yet to be built. 

Rooms in these buildings will be fully interactive, and it’ll be possible to fully design what they’ll look like without even stepping in the room.

How will similar property technology benefit landlords in the future?


The Future of Property Viewings

Imagine this: you’re living across the country and you’ve been recruited to your dream job. There’s quickly a choice, here. Do you find somewhere to live before accepting the job, or do you roll the dice on your next property?

Online viewings have always been possible and have recently become a lot more prevalent, but it’s not quite the same as being at the property in person to investigate everything you wish.

With a fully rendered AR or VR model of the property, modelled with every perfection and imperfection around the house you’ll be able to explore to your heart’s content without leaving your living room.

This new development in PropTech gives you more confidence that you’re looking at a property you want while giving landlords more confidence that they’re getting a lower turnover on tenancies.


What’s Next?

After that, who knows what’s possible? PropTech is the future of real-estate, and gains more and more investment each year. 

After remote viewings with AR and VR, the sky is the limit. 

To get an idea of where we’re going, it’s helpful to look at where we’ve been. A few years ago, renting and owning a property was a much more complicated ordeal.

Now, you can find a house, communicate with an agency, and rent a property all from your phone. 

Everything is getting more streamlined, with current developments streamlining the process further, taking physical viewings out of the equation.

So, imagine, in a few years time, it’ll be even simpler and even faster to rent and view properties.


PropTech Recruitment for your Business

These developments in AR and VR are still on the horizon, and so it’s up to all the best PropTech companies to scale and hire the best talent.

AR and VR have already developed in leaps and bounds over the past decade or so, so the technology is accessible, but it’s not yet accessible to all.

So, PropTech companies will need to scale, onboard, and keep their eyes firmly locked on the amazing capabilities that are just around the corner.

To do this, they’ll need a great PropTech recruitment company to put the best innovators within the best teams. 

If you’re looking to scale your PropTech company, Dalton Buck is among the best in PropTech recruitment. We can help you reach innovations such as VR and AR by putting the best people in your business.

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