PropTech and Health and Safety

PropTech can help keep any of your properties safe and secure. Whether you’re maintaining and managing an office, or if it’s real estate, PropTech can help you ensure that everything is as it should be.

With PropTech, you’ll be able to log information and use it to verify strict insurance and monitor warranty details. You’ll also be able to log your upkeep and stay on top of your maintenance.


Health and Safety Regulations

Health and safety regulations have developed a bit in recent years. Since the Grenfell Tragedy, new regulations have come into effect, including a ban on combustible materials.

One of the new regulations states that more power needs to be given to tenants so that they can log and raise issues against faulty tech. For example, if a fire extinguisher looks faulty, the ultimate responsibility still falls on the landlord, but the tenant should, by law, have an effective way to report it.

You can use PropTech to create digital twins of your equipment, meaning that you have an online register of all of your health and safety equipment. This way, you can log all necessary information against the equipment itself, as opposed to having a general register in the form of a spreadsheet or PDF.

With a digital twin of equipment, tenants too can raise issues using PropTech against individual pieces of technology, informing a building manager that something needs to be fixed. These issues can include attachments, such as an image of how something is broken, to streamline maintenance.

Digital twins, therefore, allow you to prove all of your equipment is compliant to health and safety regulations.


Using PropTech to Log Activity

The next step is to prove maintenance history, which PropTech can also do. It’s one thing to allow anyone to report issues and faults. It’s a whole other, more important thing to prove that these faults are dealt with promptly.

Using PropTech can help with this. When a notification arises against a piece of equipment, it can be attended to by a facilities manager immediately. There’s no need to sift through thousands of emails to find where the fault is or what needs to be fixed with an effective PropTech system.

Then, when the maintenance is done, the history will be updated, and it’ll be visible that this piece of equipment was fixed. Not only does this increase accountability, but it also allows you to see when a piece of equipment has broken multiple times and needs replacing.


A More Secure Home

Ultimately, with all of the things PropTech can allow you to do, tenants and staff are kept happier and more secure. 

PropTech allows you to monitor any changes in real-time, and the power given back to the tenant creates a more comfortable atmosphere. With the logging of maintenance and information, such as warranty information or compliance checklists, you’ll also have the peace of mind that your property is safe and secure.

You can also use these innovations for security itself, monitoring the state of CCTV cameras and other security equipment.

The best thing is, PropTech is inexpensive, so whether you’re a landlord or in charge of a block of offices, you’ll be able to take a proactive step towards a safer property, without having to dig too deep into your pockets

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