How to Manage a Property Remotely Using PropTech

With PropTech, you can manage multiple properties remotely. Whether you’re a landlord, and agency, or a facilities manager, PropTech makes your job so much simpler.

Thanks to the leaps and bounds in apps and online systems, now you can manage your properties in real-time with your phone or laptop. From finding new tenants to making sure the place is well maintained, PropTech can help.


What is PropTech?

PropTech refers to a group of technologies related to properties or buildings. It can, therefore, be an online system, a website, or an app. More and more, these PropTech systems are getting integrated with new technologies, so it won’t be long until PropTech is integrated with AR and VR functionality.

For now, however, your property technology will most likely be on your phone, laptop, or tablet.

The number of PropTech companies has grown exponentially in the past few years, and they all promise new innovation in how your properties can be best looked after. 

So, when it comes to buildings, PropTech can help from cradle to grave. New, innovative and government-mandated BIM systems (or building information modelling) allow for a more streamlined and transparent building process, where renting sites can help you sell a property, and maintenance apps can help you manage it.


How Do You Look After Your Property Remotely With PropTech?

According to recent government guidelines, it’s essential that you give your tenants more power to report any issues with your building. This can be anything from faulty doors to fire extinguishers.

With these apps, you have a higher level of interactivity, while not needing to exert as much time to fix any issues. 

The process is simple. You and your tenants can download the same PropTech app and communicate on that. Spreadsheets and a high level of emails decrease communication and accountability, and so being able to monitor what is and isn’t working in real-time cuts through this.

Now, instead of having to sift through multiple emails, you’ll get a notification every time there’s an issue and see instantly where the issue is. Then, you can categorise issues by severity and notify the maintenance team almost instantly.


Maintaining Multiple Properties

There are no limits to the number of properties you can apply this to. Whether it is real estate or different blocks of offices, you can use PropTech to view and manage all of them.

In fact, this is actively encouraged, as the more you streamline maintenance and increase accountability over your properties, the higher your return on investment.

This is one of the reasons PropTech was created: to help you manage your properties with ease and to keep both you and your tenants happy with their living space.

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