Using LinkedIn for PropTech Recruitment

The way we handle social media has changed rapidly over the past ten years. There have been great tectonic shifts between which platforms were crucial for marketing, sales, and recruitment. Whether PropTech recruitment or otherwise, a social media presence has always helped drive up traffic and prospects, but the focus has periodically shifted.

However, with all of these changes, and with companies jumping from Facebook posts to Tweeting, there has always been one platform fuelling interaction between businesses, customers, and job applicants. LinkedIn.


The Concept Behind LinkedIn

During these changes, LinkedIn has adapted and kept up, but its core values have remained solid. It is a platform for businesses, employees, and applicants to network and learn from each other.

The idea behind this was to cut out a middle-man. In 2016, around 99% of all recruitment used LinkedIn to find potential candidates. 

It’s a perfect platform for this because talent can create full profiles that showcase their skills, vacancies can be posted, CVs can be cross-referenced with talent, and hiring managers can get a better idea of a person behind hiring them.

This all translates brilliantly to PropTech recruitment, as LinkedIn is a great platform to share and discuss innovation. So, without much extra time spent, it not only becomes a platform to find potential talent, but it also becomes a way for a PropTech company to showcase itself.


LinkedIn and PropTech Recruitment

So, if you’re a PropTech company, having a great LinkedIn profile, remaining active, and discussing what you enjoy and are interested in will be second nature at this point. However, when you’re hiring, it will also help more people view what your company does.

Therefore, more people will view who you are, what you do, and they’ll see that you’re onboarding and scaling. In this sense, LinkedIn is great for marketing while you’re hiring!

Of course, these are early steps in your recruitment process, but they’re important ones. They help your company get seen by many more, and show the world that you’re open for business. The results will speak for themselves, though. You’ll be able to vet candidates and set up your interviews.


More Than Just PropTech Recruitment

The benefits are much more widespread than simply finding talent, though. An active Linkedin automatically helps with marketing and sales. 

LinkedIn has become a unique platform, as it can handle more of your acquisition and conversion funnels than other social media sites. The idea is simply to start a dialogue about interesting industry developments, and all of a sudden traffic starts to rise.

So, if you have opinions, ideas, and interests about PropTech, sharing them on LinkedIn and discussing them will most likely lead to more conversions.

At Dalton Buck, we can help you with your recruitment needs, from finding candidates on LinkedIn to something more tailored. To find out more, you can contact us here.

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