PropTech Recruitment Vs. Manually Searching

While the job market is volatile at the moment, movement is still possible. People are looking for new jobs due to changes in location, scene, or circumstance. So, if you’re scaling your PropTech company, or if you’re looking for replacements, it’s as good a time as any to start recruiting.

Certain job markets, such as the AI job market, are remaining strong, and the development of PropTech is still consistent. Rent supply and demand has fluctuated recently, too, meaning that it’s a good time to make sure your PropTech company is well-prepared for the coming changes.

If you are onboarding, is it better to use a PropTech recruitment service, or is it better to search manually? We have the benefits and drawbacks below.


The Benefits of PropTech Recruitment

Using a PropTech recruitment service will be a lot faster and a lot more streamlined. Instead of searching manually, you can dictate your needs and let your PropTech recruitment service do the rest.

You’re relying on professional help, who know what they’re doing in all sectors of PropTech, from real-estate to facilities-management to AI and BIM.

To name a few benefits:

  • Speed: Getting the ideal candidate for your job will be faster.
  • Ease of use: The process is simple. You need only dictate your requirements and your PropTech recruitment service will do the rest.
  • Trust: You’ll be able to trust that your PropTech recruitment service is finding the best candidate for the job.
  • Training: Your PropTech recruitment service will be able to train you in areas from remote interviews to industry-specific tips.


The Drawbacks of PropTech Recruitment

The main drawback of outsourcing PropTech recruitment is that you may feel like you’re losing an element of control. 

Also, the service won’t be free. While the process will create a high ROI, this may require more of a time investment. So, the placed candidate will be effective at helping your company to generate revenue, but this may not be instantly visible.

So, it depends on your budget and whether you need instant returns.


The Benefits of Manually Searching

Manually searching gives you complete control over your hiring process.

From discovering new candidates to interviewing them to hiring them, you’ll be able to do everything.

There are tools, too, which will help you with your PropTech recruitment search, such as LinkedIn. This means hiring isn’t as complicated as it used to be.

If you’re looking for more control over your processes, then this may be an option for you. It simply depends on your requirements.


The Drawbacks of Manually Searching

Manually searching for candidates does have a hefty amount of drawbacks, however.

The largest drawback is the time it’ll take you to find and place a candidate. Using a PropTech recruitment service will also help save you money as it’ll give you more time to work on other things.

There are probably two main reasons behind your recruitment plans, and those are to replace colleagues who are leaving or to scale your company. If you’re replacing colleagues or if you’re scaling, you’ll have less time to find a candidate as responsibilities will be more stretched as it is.

So, if you want to save time and money on your PropTech recruitment search, you can contact us here for advice or to make an enquiry.

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