A Real Estate Fund Management Associate / Real Estate Fund Manager / AVP is a step up from Analyst. Associates focus on operational and administrative aspects of fund management, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations and compliance with regulatory requirements. They provide crucial support to ensure that investment strategies are implemented effectively and that investor needs are met.

Average Salary Range: £60,000 – £100,000 base + bonus + benefits

A Senior Associate will command the higher end of that range.

Here are the key aspects of the role:

1. Fund Administration:

2. Financial Analysis and Reporting:

3. Investment Due Diligence:

4. Portfolio Management Support:

5. Market Research and Analysis:

6. Investor Relations:

Compliance and Risk Management:

Skills and Qualifications

Compliance and Risk Management:

Analytical Skills:

Communication Skills:

Attention to Detail:

Teamwork and Collaboration:

Career Path

A Real Estate Fund Management Associate typically starts in an entry-level position and can progress to more senior roles such as Senior Associate, Vice President, or Fund Manager with increasing experience and expertise in real estate investment management. This career path often involves gaining additional qualifications, expanding knowledge in real estate markets, and demonstrating strong analytical and communication skills.