A Real Estate Portfolio Management Analyst supports the management and optimisation of a investment firm’s (or company’s) real estate assets. This role involves extensive financial analysis, market research, and performance monitoring to ensure the real estate portfolio meets the organisation’s strategic and financial goals.

Average Salary: £50,000 – £75,000 base + bonus + benefits

Key Responsibilities

1. Financial Analysis:

2. Performance Monitoring:

3. Market Research:

4. Investment Analysis:

5. Reporting and Documentation:

6. Collaboration:

7. Risk Management:

Skills and Qualifications

Educational Background:

Analytical Skills:

Technical Skills:

Communication Skills:


Career Path

A Real Estate Portfolio Management Analyst typically progresses to roles such as Senior Analyst, Portfolio Manager, or Asset Manager. These roles involve greater responsibility for managing assets, strategic planning, and leadership within the organisation. Over time, an analyst may advance to senior management positions, such as Director of Real Estate or Vice President of Portfolio Management.