A Senior Quantity Surveyor is a highly experienced professional within the field of quantity surveying. They take on a leadership role, overseeing projects and managing teams of junior surveyors.

Average Salary: £50,000 – £80,000 base + benefits

Compared to a general quantity surveyor, a senior professional has:

Greater experience and knowledge:

They have a deep understanding of construction costs, contracts, and financial management specific to the industry.

Leadership skills:

They can effectively lead and motivate teams, delegate tasks, and inspire collaboration.

Strategic thinking:

They can see the bigger picture and make informed decisions that consider both financial and project goals.

Here's a closer look at their responsibilities:

Project Leadership:

Senior quantity surveyors head up projects, managing the financial aspects from start to finish. This involves tasks like cost planning, budget control, and ensuring the project stays on track financially.

Team Management:

They mentor and guide junior quantity surveyors, providing training and delegating tasks. They ensure the team is working effectively and meeting deadlines.

Client Communication:

Senior quantity surveyors act as a point of contact for clients on all financial matters related to the project. They provide regular reports, cost updates, and manage any contract negotiations.

Risk Management:

They identify and mitigate potential financial risks that could derail the project. This might involve anticipating cost overruns, delays, or unforeseen circumstances.

Technical Expertise:

Senior quantity surveyors stay up-to-date on the latest construction methods, building regulations, and cost estimating techniques. They ensure the team is using the best practices for accurate cost management.

Strategic Planning:

They contribute to the overall project strategy by analyzing cost implications of design decisions and suggesting value engineering solutions to optimize costs without compromising quality.

Senior quantity surveyors play a crucial role in ensuring construction projects are completed successfully within budget.