Solutions for Post COVID-19 PropTech Recruitment

As we ease out of lockdown and tentatively return to an element of “normal”, there will be a few, maintained changes to our lifestyles. Social distancing and contact tracing will be a part of our lives for a long time, and adjustments will be necessary. These adjustments also apply to PropTech recruitment.

How will the PropTech industry change with these new developments, and how will that affect PropTech recruitment services? There are unique challenges that will arise, but experts across industries are aiming to mitigate these challenges and address them, easing a return to efficiency.


Social Distancing and the Changes to Offices

Offices will undergo some of the biggest changes in this easing period. With many opting for remote working on a more permanent basis, the office rental market is undergoing tectonic changes.

There is still a place for the office in terms of community, social development, and morale, so for the companies remaining in their offices, changes will differ from a move to remote working.

For these companies, offices will implement social distancing rules, giving facilities managers a different kind of workload. This will include the management of cleanliness and the solidification of social distancing rules, as well as one-way systems.

Thankfully, the difficulty of these changes can be mitigated with PropTech, as property technology can be used remotely, and PropTech can also be used in automating many office-related activities.


How PropTech Recruitment Will Change Post COVID-19

PropTech recruitment follows the PropTech industry, and so changes within the property industry will inform how PropTech recruitment functions. Depending on the needs of the customer, there may be more queries about contingency recruitment, or there may be more executive searches due to companies restructuring.

Changes in rent supply and demand have already informed innovation in PropTech, expediting the need for greater end-user experience for property search apps and websites.

The PropTech recruitment industry will simply follow these changes, as further innovation will involve the scaling of PropTech companies, and restructures within PropTech companies will create a need to fill vacancies.

Across industries, supply and demand have shifted due to the COVID-19 crisis. Whether this is in terms of stagnation or larger demand, the needs companies have when it comes to recruitment have changed, and PropTech recruitment companies will follow these trends, assisting companies to flourish.


Our PropTech Recruitment Solution

At Dalton Buck, we have expertise in PropTech recruitment and are industry experts in the needs of PropTech companies. We understand that a post COVID-19 world has shifted economic and practical requirements, and so we’re happy to help mitigate any risks of stagnation.

We’re happy to search for suitable and effective candidates to fill the roles you’re looking for, and happy to train you at any stage of the process. We’re flexible, so that training may involve remote interview techniques as well as specific, tailored advice about changes to your company.

Whether you’re recruiting for remote workers, or looking for people to join your office, we’re more than happy to help. You can read more in our step by step guide to PropTech recruitment, or you can contact us here to find out more.

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