In the UK, PropTech has been quickly developing over the past few years. Since the turn of the century, society has been moving towards greater connectivity and more automation. For PropTech, it’s no different.

PropTech refers to property technology. Property technology refers to systems or technology that include something related to property management, building renting, anything. You can read more about what PropTech is here.


Apps and Online Systems

Apps and online systems on their own have developed in leaps and bounds over the past decade. It wasn’t long ago that people were still using flip-phones and didn’t have nearly as much power as they hold in their hands today.

Now, when it comes to apps and PropTech, you can rent a house on your phone. With apps such as Zoopla, you can find a property, speak to the landlord or agent, and organise a visit. You can do all of this online, too, which would’ve been unthought of a couple of decades ago.

In fact, the only thing you can’t do related to renting a property with a PropTech app is view the house. With the way things are going, however, VR will make remote house viewings possible, meaning you can start a move across the country, or even the world, from the comfort of your living room.

This is a common development in UK PropTech. Automation and the move towards remote work and processes mean that you can now do a lot more with your mobile than could’ve possibly been imagined before the turn of the century.


BIM and IoT

Remote working, automation, and better processes have also informed and improved how buildings are built.

BIM refers to Building Information Modelling. This is an IoT solution which means planning buildings now, by government mandate, requires online modelling. In other words, buildings have to be planned and created with bespoke online systems before they can be built.

Therefore, a UK PropTech development is that construction is getting smarter, and the buildings themselves are all the better for it. Now, it’s possible to map out and plan for the minutiae, including floor and furniture plans, before a single brick is laid.


Businesses Scaling and PropTech Recruitment

Of course, all of these developments mean that PropTech companies have scaled massively in the past couple of decades. With it, UK PropTech recruitment has also scaled and improved.

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