Recruitment and PropTech: What you need to know

PropTech is an industry that has grown vastly in the past few years. Whether your PropTech company is scaling and you’re onboarding, or if you’re looking for some new starters to fill some gaps, there are some things you should know when it comes to PropTech recruitment.

So, from apps for renting out houses to building management systems, to processes that help skyscrapers emerge, whatever your niche, we’re here to help you get the very best candidates for your business.


Know Your Niche

First of all, you’ll need to know specifically what sets your company out from the crowd. When you’re interviewing a candidate, remember they’re also interviewing you. So, knowing exactly what sets you out from the crowd shows your candidate that you’re a place worth working for.

A candidate’s questions should never catch you out, and knowing your place in the market also helps you come up with more interesting questions, whether you’re at interview stage or if you’re asking for CVs. You’ll want your company to stand out because it’s likely that you’re not the only company your candidate is looking at.

Knowing who you are as a company, what the culture is like, what your values are, and how you stand out from your competition isn’t just a way to improve your sales and marketing, it’s also how you can make a good first impression for your candidates.


Know Who You’re Looking For

There is a caveat to this. Everyone might have an idea of a “perfect candidate” whatever that may mean, but prepare and account for a surprise. If a candidate surprises you but isn’t what you were originally looking for, that doesn’t necessarily mean they should be discounted.

The important thing here is that you have the idea of what you want to compare them to. This is one of the many reasons it’s crucial to have what you’re looking for in mind. It’s not necessarily a check-box of someone who’ll fit in, work hard, and learn quickly, but it is a clear view of the kind of candidate you want.

You’ll know where your gaps are, and that’ll help. A gap may be why you’re hiring in the first place, so if it’s a gap in how much reach your website currently has, or if you want to be making more sales, you’ll know a role. But if you scrutinise these gaps, you can hone in on the type of person that can fill them. Are you looking for someone with experience in social media, for example, while you’re trying to fill a more general marketing role?

Again, here, if someone is trainable, they can learn how to manage your social media accounts, but if they have specific experience that fills one of your biggest pain points, as well as the other necessary experience to fill the role you’re advertising, you’ll know they’re a better candidate. 


Use All Of Your PropTech Recruitment Links

The final thing you should know about PropTech recruitment is that you should explore all of your avenues. Whether it’s looking on LinkedIn for PropTech recruitment, or if it’s asking your existing colleagues if they might know anyone suitable.

There are many different ways you can explore and find someone great, whether it is word of mouth, social media, or using an agency.

If you do choose an agency, however, we promise to fill any gaps in your business with the best candidate for you. Knowing your niche and knowing the kind of person you’re looking for will help, and we’ll aim to find someone that’ll fit perfectly into your work culture.

To find out more about our PropTech recruitment services, you can contact us here.

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