There are a few reasons why you may be looking for a new candidate to join your PropTech company. Whether it’s because you’re scaling and onboarding new staff or because you’re looking for a replacement, Dalton Buck’s PropTech Recruitment services can help.

We’ve put together a step by step guide to help you with your PropTech recruitment process. From the moment you decide to search to the moment you hire someone, we can help.


1. Identify your Needs

First of all, you’ll want to look for any gaps in your company that you’re looking to fill. This may seem simple at first if you’re looking for a replacement, but even this can have a few caveats.

PropTech recruitment is an opportunity to look deeper at what you need. So, when a vacancy appears or when you’re looking to onboard someone new, it’s a good idea to look deeper at what could be made more efficient.

For example, if someone in your marketing team is moving, would it be helpful if a new candidate had both marketing and development experience so that they can handle more of the nitty-gritty?

In general, you’ll want two types of service once you’ve decided on the type of candidate.


Executive Search

If you’re looking for experienced executives to fill high-level roles, you’ll want your PropTech recruitment processes to involve an executive search.

This way, you’ll have the confidence that your new executives will have the skills and experience to quickly adapt to their role. 


Contingency Recruitment

For most other enquiries, you’ll want a contingency recruitment service. This can be for a permanent worker or for a worker on a contract.

In this case, your PropTech recruitment service will help you search for an ideal, adaptable candidate which will add to your work culture and your business as a whole.


2. Decide on the Type of Contract

Next is deciding if you want someone working permanently or on a contract. 

Temp contracts do have many benefits. For example, you’ll be able to see how well a candidate fits into the job before offering them something more permanent. If they’re looking for temp work as something to help them before they move onto something else, then there’s still no downside to hiring them.

If you are looking for someone permanent, PropTech recruitment services will help you find someone that will fit into your office and your workflow, and aim for the long-term, helping you keep turnover rates as low as possible.

The next step is to decide on pricing. This can be changed, but look at your budgets and see what is set aside, then discuss what’s reasonable for the type of candidate you’re looking for.


3. Start searching with PropTech Recruitment Services

When you’ve identified your needs and have planned for what kind of offer you want to give your candidates, it’s time to start searching with PropTech recruitment services.

Using a PropTech recruitment service means that you’ll get ideal candidates matched to your needs and your business. The benefit of using PropTech recruitment services is that you can start a conversation, allowing you to talk through your needs, formalise them, and act on them.

Every step of your recruitment process is simpler if you use PropTech recruitment services, as the best fit for your job descriptions can be selected for you.


4. Commence your Interviews

The next step is to start the hiring process! Currently, you may need to do interviews remotely, and so you may need to work through some things, but our PropTech recruitment service will be there for you every step of the way.

Take this time to get to know your candidates, from their experience to their strengths and weaknesses. Looking for the ideal candidate will mean something very different to different people, so look for someone that’ll fit in well with your business.

To find out more about how Dalton Buck can help you with your PropTech recruitment processes, you can contact us here.