Why Use a PropTech Recruitment Agency?

Why Use a PropTech Recruitment Agency?

If you’re onboarding new staff, it’s crucial to look in the right places. There are a lot of risks in the hiring process, and using effective resources can help mitigate these. This is where a PropTech recruitment agency will come in. With a PropTech recruitment agency, you’ll be able to utilise expert insight and save time and money on resources. Going through the hiring process in-house can negatively affect the time you have to do other things, meaning you won’t be able to focus on scalability and growth as much. It’s highly beneficial, therefore, to outsource your PropTech recruitment. You’ll save time and money to continue doing the things that are important to you with an effective PropTech recruitment agency.   What is a PropTech Recruitment Agency? A PropTech recruitment agency is a company that will source the best talent in the PropTech industry for your company. There are a few different types of recruitment, such as contingency recruitment. As you’ll get expert advice along the way, your PropTech recruitment agency will help guide you towards the best options. So, as a PropTech recruitment company will be experts in the fields of PropTech, they’ll be able to walk through your needs with you and understand them.  Overall, this will save you a lot of time, stress, and money, as you’ll have the peace of mind that the hiring process is getting handled, from searching for candidates to walking you through the interview process.  Using a PropTech recruitment agency has many other benefits, too.   Save Time and Resources Recruiting can be a stressful process when it’s handled in-house. You may be onboarding new staff because you’re scaling your business or because you’re finding a replacement for a colleague who has left the company. In both cases, you’ll have less time to go through the minutiae of a hiring process. If you’re scaling your PropTech business then a lot of new challenges will be coming up. There’ll be a greater need for automation to keep on top of sales and customers, for example. On the other hand, if someone has left the company and you’re looking for a replacement, then you’ll have more work per person, as you’ll have one fewer employee.  Therefore, if you’re recruiting, your time and resources may be needed elsewhere. Finding candidates can be very time and resource-heavy, and so outsourcing to a PropTech recruitment agency will keep your time free.   Get Expert PropTech Advice Another benefit of using a PropTech recruitment agency is that you’ll get expert advice and knowledge about the field of PropTech. There are many industry-specific PropTech needs, so having a team that is knowledgeable in these needs and can address them is crucial. Industry knowledge is essential in finding the correct candidate for the job and ensuring that your company continues to scale and succeed. A wealth of knowledge mitigates a lot of issues and gives you the peace of mind that the right person is going to end up in the job. Expert PropTech advice will help you through every step of the hiring process, making it much more streamlined and much more pain-free. To find out more about how Dalton Buck’s PropTech recruitment agency can help you find the right candidate for the job, you can contact us here. We’re here to help, and we can give you expert advice and find you the best in the PropTech industry.  

Solutions for Post COVID-19 PropTech Recruitment

Solutions for Post COVID-19 PropTech Recruitment

As we ease out of lockdown and tentatively return to an element of “normal”, there will be a few, maintained changes to our lifestyles. Social distancing and contact tracing will be a part of our lives for a long time, and adjustments will be necessary. These adjustments also apply to PropTech recruitment. How will the PropTech industry change with these new developments, and how will that affect PropTech recruitment services? There are unique challenges that will arise, but experts across industries are aiming to mitigate these challenges and address them, easing a return to efficiency.   Social Distancing and the Changes to Offices Offices will undergo some of the biggest changes in this easing period. With many opting for remote working on a more permanent basis, the office rental market is undergoing tectonic changes. There is still a place for the office in terms of community, social development, and morale, so for the companies remaining in their offices, changes will differ from a move to remote working. For these companies, offices will implement social distancing rules, giving facilities managers a different kind of workload. This will include the management of cleanliness and the solidification of social distancing rules, as well as one-way systems. Thankfully, the difficulty of these changes can be mitigated with PropTech, as property technology can be used remotely, and PropTech can also be used in automating many office-related activities.   How PropTech Recruitment Will Change Post COVID-19 PropTech recruitment follows the PropTech industry, and so changes within the property industry will inform how PropTech recruitment functions. Depending on the needs of the customer, there may be more queries about contingency recruitment, or there may be more executive searches due to companies restructuring. Changes in rent supply and demand have already informed innovation in PropTech, expediting the need for greater end-user experience for property search apps and websites. The PropTech recruitment industry will simply follow these changes, as further innovation will involve the scaling of PropTech companies, and restructures within PropTech companies will create a need to fill vacancies. Across industries, supply and demand have shifted due to the COVID-19 crisis. Whether this is in terms of stagnation or larger demand, the needs companies have when it comes to recruitment have changed, and PropTech recruitment companies will follow these trends, assisting companies to flourish.   Our PropTech Recruitment Solution At Dalton Buck, we have expertise in PropTech recruitment and are industry experts in the needs of PropTech companies. We understand that a post COVID-19 world has shifted economic and practical requirements, and so we’re happy to help mitigate any risks of stagnation. We’re happy to search for suitable and effective candidates to fill the roles you’re looking for, and happy to train you at any stage of the process. We’re flexible, so that training may involve remote interview techniques as well as specific, tailored advice about changes to your company. Whether you’re recruiting for remote workers, or looking for people to join your office, we’re more than happy to help. You can read more in our step by step guide to PropTech recruitment, or you can contact us here to find out more.

PropTech: How Real Estate Technology is Evolving

proptech and how real estate is evolving

The real estate market is changing a lot. With rent supply and demand shifting and with innovations to match the current climate, changes in real estate technology have grown at an advanced rate. Real estate companies are scaling and changing, with innovations in PropTech, recruitment, and buying capabilities leading the charge. But how is the real estate market changing? And is this a new thing?   Developments in Real Estate and PropTech The real estate market has been changing rapidly for years. While innovation and changes to how people buy, rent, and sell houses have happened more recently, real estate has generally been a steady investment.  Any predictions that the housing market may crash in 2020 have been minimised, as the market is much more stable than it was leading up to 2008. The way people buy and sell real estate has changed since then, and there’s no longer the instability there was previously. This is largely due to the innovations in Property Technology, or PropTech. These innovations serve to bridge the gap between people buying real estate, and people selling it, right down to how this transaction works.   More Automation Real estate PropTech allows for much more automation when it comes to buying and selling.  It’s possible to buy and sell property with a smartphone, which is an unprecedented change from how real estate used to be found, viewed, and purchased. The process of creating more automated processes will continue, making it even faster and even simpler to apply for a mortgage, find a property, or get in touch with an agency or landlord.   More Remote Access Remote has been the way forward recently. Whether it’s remote viewings or remote facilities management, PropTech has helped show that the real estate market is still viable when most people aren’t in a place to buy or sell. Remote access will continue to grow, and innovations in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will make viewings even more transparent. Currently, most property viewings are via video-chat software. However, as AR and VR develop, it’ll be possible to look at a property, including health and safety features, more transparently and totally virtually.   More Accessibility for Landlords and Tenants One of the best development in PropTech and in real estate is how simple it is for buyers and sellers to get in touch with each other, and how fast this process is. Accessible systems, from apps to websites, that are built with their users in mind allows for a much speedier process when it comes to buying, renting, and selling. The best thing about these PropTech systems is that it’s built with both buyer and seller in mind, creating a balanced environment for a discussion to take place.   PropTech Recruitment for Scaling Real Estate Companies Many real estate companies are scaling and onboarding new staff to keep up with the rapid shifts in supply and demand in the housing market. If you’re a real estate or PropTech company that’s helping fuel innovation in property markets, you may want to consider our PropTech recruitment services. It’s important to scale and to keep up with innovation, and so PropTech recruitment can help ensure you’re ahead of the curve, getting everything you can out of such an exciting growth market. You need only contact us here.

PropTech Recruitment: What is Contingency Recruitment?

proptech recruitment what is contingency recruitment

If you’re looking to onboard for your PropTech company, there are a few things to consider. After you’ve looked at why you’re hiring, or some top tips behind PropTech recruitment, one of the biggest things to consider is what type of PropTech recruitment you’re looking for. When it comes to recruitment, contingency recruitment is a great offer for you and your company. It’s a lower-risk strategy that still ensures your PropTech company gets the best candidate for the job. But, what is contingency recruitment?   What is Contingency Recruitment? Contingency recruitment is a type of recruitment whereby a recruitment company will only collect a fee from their client if a candidate is successfully found and placed in their required position. In essence, if your PropTech company is looking for a candidate to fill a marketing job, you’ll only need to pay the recruitment company you choose if they find a candidate you’re happy with and if that candidate fills the marketing role. Fees for contingency recruitment can differ, but they often range from around 12.5 to 20 percent of the candidate’s first-year salary.    Why Consider Contingency PropTech Recruitment? So, why should you consider contingency PropTech recruitment over other recruitment methods? You do have a lot of options when it comes to recruitment. You may be weighing up which is better between PropTech recruitment companies or manually searching, or you may be looking at different types of recruitment. When it comes to contingency recruitment, though, it’s certainly the lowest risk strategy. It may end up cheaper to manually search, using platforms like LinkedIn, but outsourcing PropTech recruitment is beneficial. This is because you’re saving time, which is as valuable as money when it comes to running a business. Not only do you save time opting for a PropTech recruitment company, but you’re also putting your trust in professionals, and when it comes to contingency recruitment, you only have to pay if the process is successful.   Contingency Recruitment For your PropTech Company Dalton Buck can help with your contingency recruitment process, as we can also offer bespoke advice tailored to your company. Whether it’s tips on remote interviews or finding the best candidate for your business’ culture, we can help place the correct candidate in the correct role. We have experience and we offer competitive rates. So, no matter who you’re looking for when it comes to the world of PropTech, our industry knowledge is unparalleled. From knowing which PropTech innovations are driving the industry, to understanding the needs from real-estate to facilities management, we can help. To find out more about how Dalton Buck’s PropTech recruitment company can find you the best candidate for your new role, you can contact us here. We’re happy to help you every step of the way!

PropTech Recruitment Vs. Manually Searching

proptech recruitment vs manually searching

While the job market is volatile at the moment, movement is still possible. People are looking for new jobs due to changes in location, scene, or circumstance. So, if you’re scaling your PropTech company, or if you’re looking for replacements, it’s as good a time as any to start recruiting. Certain job markets, such as the AI job market, are remaining strong, and the development of PropTech is still consistent. Rent supply and demand has fluctuated recently, too, meaning that it’s a good time to make sure your PropTech company is well-prepared for the coming changes. If you are onboarding, is it better to use a PropTech recruitment service, or is it better to search manually? We have the benefits and drawbacks below.   The Benefits of PropTech Recruitment Using a PropTech recruitment service will be a lot faster and a lot more streamlined. Instead of searching manually, you can dictate your needs and let your PropTech recruitment service do the rest. You’re relying on professional help, who know what they’re doing in all sectors of PropTech, from real-estate to facilities-management to AI and BIM. To name a few benefits: Speed: Getting the ideal candidate for your job will be faster. Ease of use: The process is simple. You need only dictate your requirements and your PropTech recruitment service will do the rest. Trust: You’ll be able to trust that your PropTech recruitment service is finding the best candidate for the job. Training: Your PropTech recruitment service will be able to train you in areas from remote interviews to industry-specific tips.   The Drawbacks of PropTech Recruitment The main drawback of outsourcing PropTech recruitment is that you may feel like you’re losing an element of control.  Also, the service won’t be free. While the process will create a high ROI, this may require more of a time investment. So, the placed candidate will be effective at helping your company to generate revenue, but this may not be instantly visible. So, it depends on your budget and whether you need instant returns.   The Benefits of Manually Searching Manually searching gives you complete control over your hiring process. From discovering new candidates to interviewing them to hiring them, you’ll be able to do everything. There are tools, too, which will help you with your PropTech recruitment search, such as LinkedIn. This means hiring isn’t as complicated as it used to be. If you’re looking for more control over your processes, then this may be an option for you. It simply depends on your requirements.   The Drawbacks of Manually Searching Manually searching for candidates does have a hefty amount of drawbacks, however. The largest drawback is the time it’ll take you to find and place a candidate. Using a PropTech recruitment service will also help save you money as it’ll give you more time to work on other things. There are probably two main reasons behind your recruitment plans, and those are to replace colleagues who are leaving or to scale your company. If you’re replacing colleagues or if you’re scaling, you’ll have less time to find a candidate as responsibilities will be more stretched as it is. So, if you want to save time and money on your PropTech recruitment search, you can contact us here for advice or to make an enquiry.

Rent Supply and Demand and PropTech Recruitment

proptech recruitment and rent supply and demand

Renting is beginning to boom. After months of stasis, industries are beginning to pick up again. From construction to real-estate, we’re edging towards some sense of normal once more. How does this affect your PropTech company, though? And should you start considering PropTech recruitment services? Over the coming months, things will still be uncertain. One thing is certain, though, people are moving house frequently, and so it may put a strain on your PropTech systems. Find out more about how to stay ahead of the curve, here.   The Current Rent Supply and Demand Industry analysts are currently looking into the soaring demand for rental property in the UK. The PropTech company Rightmove reported its busiest day on record on Wednesday 27th May 2020. What’s behind these changes? There are multiple factors. For one, many offices are moving towards a more permanent working from home structure, meaning that renters have more flexibility over where they live. Many who may have been in a property to be close to work no longer need this as a deciding factor. There are many other significant influences in the boom in demand for rental properties. People temporarily staying with their partners or family for lockdown may have fulfilled their tenancy during this time.  Statistically, in terms of demand, the rental market has almost reached pre-coronavirus levels, indicating a speedy revival for the industry. Currently, rental properties are lagging behind the demand, however. So, if you’re running a PropTech company that helps people to rent, there are a few things to keep in mind.   Scaling your PropTech Business You may want to consider scaling your PropTech business if you’re in the position to do so. If not, you may want to train your current employees with a wider range of skills. Currently, it’s more than just fulfilling orders. If there are no houses available, then renters generally won’t be too disappointed. However, they will look elsewhere, so speedy match-ups between properties and tenants are crucial. Customer support skills are more important now than ever, as a balancing act has been created by the boom in demand. Now, it’s crucial to match up renters to properties they’re happy with, liaise with landlords and keep housing safe, but still list properties quickly. It’s, therefore, important to make sure your customers stay happy and stay on your site, even if the number of properties is stagnating. This may require scaling and onboarding new staff. It’s also important to have plenty of developers to make sure your app or website doesn’t experience downtime.    PropTech Recruitment If you do need some extra workers while the renting market is booming, it’s time to look into PropTech recruitment. An option may be to hire temp workers, which PropTech recruitment services can assist with.  No matter the reason you need to match a candidate for your company, PropTech recruitment services can help you find someone adaptable and thirsty for innovation. These services can help your company make the most out of the boom in demand. Dalton Buck’s PropTech recruitment services can find the most fitting candidates to help your business grow. To find out more, you can contact us here.

A Step By Step Guide to PropTech Recruitment

step by step guide to proptech recruitment

There are a few reasons why you may be looking for a new candidate to join your PropTech company. Whether it’s because you’re scaling and onboarding new staff or because you’re looking for a replacement, Dalton Buck’s PropTech Recruitment services can help. We’ve put together a step by step guide to help you with your PropTech recruitment process. From the moment you decide to search to the moment you hire someone, we can help.   1. Identify your Needs First of all, you’ll want to look for any gaps in your company that you’re looking to fill. This may seem simple at first if you’re looking for a replacement, but even this can have a few caveats. PropTech recruitment is an opportunity to look deeper at what you need. So, when a vacancy appears or when you’re looking to onboard someone new, it’s a good idea to look deeper at what could be made more efficient. For example, if someone in your marketing team is moving, would it be helpful if a new candidate had both marketing and development experience so that they can handle more of the nitty-gritty? In general, you’ll want two types of service once you’ve decided on the type of candidate.   Executive Search If you’re looking for experienced executives to fill high-level roles, you’ll want your PropTech recruitment processes to involve an executive search. This way, you’ll have the confidence that your new executives will have the skills and experience to quickly adapt to their role.    Contingency Recruitment For most other enquiries, you’ll want a contingency recruitment service. This can be for a permanent worker or for a worker on a contract. In this case, your PropTech recruitment service will help you search for an ideal, adaptable candidate which will add to your work culture and your business as a whole.   2. Decide on the Type of Contract Next is deciding if you want someone working permanently or on a contract.  Temp contracts do have many benefits. For example, you’ll be able to see how well a candidate fits into the job before offering them something more permanent. If they’re looking for temp work as something to help them before they move onto something else, then there’s still no downside to hiring them. If you are looking for someone permanent, PropTech recruitment services will help you find someone that will fit into your office and your workflow, and aim for the long-term, helping you keep turnover rates as low as possible. The next step is to decide on pricing. This can be changed, but look at your budgets and see what is set aside, then discuss what’s reasonable for the type of candidate you’re looking for.   3. Start searching with PropTech Recruitment Services When you’ve identified your needs and have planned for what kind of offer you want to give your candidates, it’s time to start searching with PropTech recruitment services. Using a PropTech recruitment service means that you’ll get ideal candidates matched to your needs and your business. The benefit of using PropTech recruitment services is that you can start a conversation, allowing you to talk through your needs, formalise them, and act on them. Every step of your recruitment process is simpler if you use PropTech recruitment services, as the best fit for your job descriptions can be selected for you.   4. Commence your Interviews The next step is to start the hiring process! Currently, you may need to do interviews remotely, and so you may need to work through some things, but our PropTech recruitment service will be there for you every step of the way. Take this time to get to know your candidates, from their experience to their strengths and weaknesses. Looking for the ideal candidate will mean something very different to different people, so look for someone that’ll fit in well with your business. To find out more about how Dalton Buck can help you with your PropTech recruitment processes, you can contact us here.

The Benefits of Outsourcing PropTech Recruitment

benefits of outsourcing proptech recruitment

You might be recruiting for any number of reasons. From looking for temps to replacements to looking for people to fill new roles that have been created, PropTech recruitment can take many forms. All the same, it’s an exciting time when you’re onboarding new staff to fuel new innovation across the property landscape, so, congratulations! There are a few options to think about when it comes to PropTech recruitment, however, and they all hold validity depending on your needs. First of all, you can head up your PropTech recruitment process in-house. Tools like LinkedIn make recruitment a lot simpler than it used to be, but there are a few gaps that can come up when your recruitment is in-house. The other main option is to outsource your recruitment processes.   Why Outsource your PropTech Recruitment? Why is outsourcing PropTech recruitment often the better option? There are a few, tangible benefits that we’ll walk you through below:   Time Possibly the most attractive benefit is the amount of time you’ll save.  If you’re onboarding, there are two main possibilities, and both of them mean that you’ll probably be pressed for time as it is. You’re scaling:  If you’re scaling, you’ll be pressed for time because of everything that’s going on in your company. There’s growth to keep on top of and invoices to chase, so finding time for other administrative tasks may be tricky. You’re looking for a replacement: If you’re looking at PropTech recruitment to replace an employee, you may be pressed for time because their work has been handed over and shared amongst others.  In both cases, you have less time. The benefit of outsourcing your PropTech recruitment is that you don’t have to spend any time on looking for a new, suitable colleague for your company and can spend all of your time on other important ventures.   Return On Investment A return on investment is promised by outsourcing your PropTech recruitment. Of course, saving time is an instant Return On Investment, as more time means further productivity and more developments and innovation. There are other, more tangible returns you get from outsourcing, however. Not only will a PropTech recruitment company be able to get to know your company, but it’s also their job to keep their ears to the ground on developments, rising talents, and all other facets of PropTech. So, your Return On Investment will come in the form of a dedicated, hard-working employee which will contribute to your business’ culture and revenue.   Trust You may instantly have questions, apprehensions, and frustrations when it comes to PropTech recruitment and onboarding. So, it’s important to find some PropTech recruiters that you can trust. When you do start this trusting relationship, every question, fear, and apprehension will dissipate. A trusting relationship means you can lay any fears to rest, and that you won’t have to trust processes you may be unfamiliar with. Trust is important, as it will help your peace of mind, as well as find you the best possible talent for your PropTech company.   How Dalton Buck can Help With PropTech Recruitment Dalton Buck will save you time, give you a high Return On Investment, and you can trust us to deliver the best results. We have years of experience in PropTech recruitment and know where to look in a busy and wide-spread industry. So, if you want to find out more, you can contact us here. We promise to find you the best talent for your business’ culture, and for your goals.

PropTech and the Future of Property Viewings

property viewings and proptech recruitment

As the lockdown begins to end, great shifts in the housing market are beginning. People are moving houses for many reasons, from shifts in the job market to movements between offices. This has created a unique challenge for rental companies, as the lockdown has meant that in-person viewings have become complicated. To get around this, PropTech companies, agencies, and landlords have started to implement online viewings. There are a few caveats to this system of house viewings, however. With the direction PropTech is headed in, though, these problems will soon be minimised.   PropTech, AR and VR One of the next steps in PropTech is the implementation of AR and VR systems. As PropTech can apply to so many different things, from renting to facilities management to construction, the many implementations of AR and VR will differ from industry to industry. So, with the implementation of BIM in construction, for example, VR in PropTech will be used to create fully interactive models of buildings that are yet to be built.  Rooms in these buildings will be fully interactive, and it’ll be possible to fully design what they’ll look like without even stepping in the room. How will similar property technology benefit landlords in the future?   The Future of Property Viewings Imagine this: you’re living across the country and you’ve been recruited to your dream job. There’s quickly a choice, here. Do you find somewhere to live before accepting the job, or do you roll the dice on your next property? Online viewings have always been possible and have recently become a lot more prevalent, but it’s not quite the same as being at the property in person to investigate everything you wish. With a fully rendered AR or VR model of the property, modelled with every perfection and imperfection around the house you’ll be able to explore to your heart’s content without leaving your living room. This new development in PropTech gives you more confidence that you’re looking at a property you want while giving landlords more confidence that they’re getting a lower turnover on tenancies.   What’s Next? After that, who knows what’s possible? PropTech is the future of real-estate, and gains more and more investment each year.  After remote viewings with AR and VR, the sky is the limit.  To get an idea of where we’re going, it’s helpful to look at where we’ve been. A few years ago, renting and owning a property was a much more complicated ordeal. Now, you can find a house, communicate with an agency, and rent a property all from your phone.  Everything is getting more streamlined, with current developments streamlining the process further, taking physical viewings out of the equation. So, imagine, in a few years time, it’ll be even simpler and even faster to rent and view properties.   PropTech Recruitment for your Business These developments in AR and VR are still on the horizon, and so it’s up to all the best PropTech companies to scale and hire the best talent. AR and VR have already developed in leaps and bounds over the past decade or so, so the technology is accessible, but it’s not yet accessible to all. So, PropTech companies will need to scale, onboard, and keep their eyes firmly locked on the amazing capabilities that are just around the corner. To do this, they’ll need a great PropTech recruitment company to put the best innovators within the best teams.  If you’re looking to scale your PropTech company, Dalton Buck is among the best in PropTech recruitment. We can help you reach innovations such as VR and AR by putting the best people in your business. To find out more, you can contact us here.

UK PropTech Developments

uk proptech recruitment developments

In the UK, PropTech has been quickly developing over the past few years. Since the turn of the century, society has been moving towards greater connectivity and more automation. For PropTech, it’s no different. PropTech refers to property technology. Property technology refers to systems or technology that include something related to property management, building renting, anything. You can read more about what PropTech is here.   Apps and Online Systems Apps and online systems on their own have developed in leaps and bounds over the past decade. It wasn’t long ago that people were still using flip-phones and didn’t have nearly as much power as they hold in their hands today. Now, when it comes to apps and PropTech, you can rent a house on your phone. With apps such as Zoopla, you can find a property, speak to the landlord or agent, and organise a visit. You can do all of this online, too, which would’ve been unthought of a couple of decades ago. In fact, the only thing you can’t do related to renting a property with a PropTech app is view the house. With the way things are going, however, VR will make remote house viewings possible, meaning you can start a move across the country, or even the world, from the comfort of your living room. This is a common development in UK PropTech. Automation and the move towards remote work and processes mean that you can now do a lot more with your mobile than could’ve possibly been imagined before the turn of the century.   BIM and IoT Remote working, automation, and better processes have also informed and improved how buildings are built. BIM refers to Building Information Modelling. This is an IoT solution which means planning buildings now, by government mandate, requires online modelling. In other words, buildings have to be planned and created with bespoke online systems before they can be built. Therefore, a UK PropTech development is that construction is getting smarter, and the buildings themselves are all the better for it. Now, it’s possible to map out and plan for the minutiae, including floor and furniture plans, before a single brick is laid.   Businesses Scaling and PropTech Recruitment Of course, all of these developments mean that PropTech companies have scaled massively in the past couple of decades. With it, UK PropTech recruitment has also scaled and improved. That’s why Dalton Buck’s UK PropTech recruitment services know what to look for in a candidate. We know the PropTech industry inside out, so we’re confident that we can help you grow. So, if you’re one of the many PropTech companies that are scaling or onboarding, Dalton Buck’s UK PropTech recruitment services can help. We also help clients from abroad, all you have to do is contact us.